Do We Have the Right People?

Quarterly, a leadership team running a business on EOS asks itself three questions to strengthen the organization’s People Component. The second of those questions is, “Do we have the Right People?”

A “Right Person” is someone who fits your company’s culture by consistently exhibiting your Core Values. When your team lives and breathes those Core Values throughout the quarter, repeats itself often, and remains observant and open-minded about what you’re seeing, answering this question at a quarterly session is really quite easy.

Start by reviewing and affirming the company’s Core Values. Say them out loud. Verbally confirm, person by person, that you all believe they’re still “right.” Once you’ve done that, just let your eyes scan the Accountability Chart. Look at every name, and see what happens. Often, clients who’ve just finished this exercise report that – even before they turn to the chart – people’s faces pop into their minds. Sometimes they see shining examples of the people who exemplify the company’s Core Values, sometimes they see someone who doesn’t.

Whatever you see – just call it out. The shining examples are people you can pat on the back sometime soon, the others are simply Issues. And if you’re being open and honest – you’ve got to get those on the list. Even if one of them is in the room with you. Later, when IDSing, you and your team can resolve all of those People Issues.