Is Everyone In the Right Seat?

To strengthen its People Component each quarter, a leadership team running it’s organization on EOS answers three questions.  The first two, covered in previous posts, are about Right Structure and Right People. “Is everyone in the Right Seat?” is the third.

To answer this question, look again at your Accountability Chart.  Each seat includes a function name (e.g. Sales, or Operations, or Project Management), and the 5 Roles that describe the key responsibilities of the person who owns that seat.  These are the things the company needs this person to obsess about – and excel at – in order to achieve it’s objectives.  Someone who’s in the Right Seat consistently excels – independently – in the role.  So as you look through your Accountability Chart at each seat and each name, ask yourself who’s not independently excellent in their 5 Roles. Those are People Issues.

As with Right People, it’s important to trust your gut instinct, be open and honest, and get these Issues on your Issues List.  Lots of leaders hesitate here for various reasons.  Someone’s new on the job, they’re having a tough time at home, they’re in two seats, they’re busy…you get the picture.  But whatever the reason, it’s important that you get these Issues on the List and IDS them.  Sometimes you’ll decide to coach, mentor, train or develop someone who just needs a little nudge.  Sometimes you’ll decide to make a change.  Whatever you decide – it’s better than not getting the Issue on the List in the first place.