The (Neverending) Journey to 100% Strong

In the first three sessions with a new client, an EOS Implementer (like me) spends as much as half the time helping the leadership team strengthen their organization’s “People Component.”  Both in and between those sessions, the leadership team is working hard to get the Right Structure for the organization, and to make sure the company is filled with the Right People in the Right Seats.  The EOS Tools we rely on to strengthen the People Component in this way are Core Values, the Accountability Chart, the People Analyzer and GWC.

To be clear, this process is intense, grueling, and often emotional.  It’s hard work, and often not fun.  When a team finally emerges from this process confident that it’s settled on the right structure and has identified and begun prioritizing and resolving all of it’s people issues, those in the room often breathe an audible sigh of relief.  “We’re finally done,” some of them think.  “If only that were true,” I think back, trying to reach all of them telepathically.

Truth is, you’re never done strengthening the People Component because, well…stuff happens.  People change, the market changes, processes change, systems change, everything changes.  This work is never, ever done.

Before that thought depresses you – know there’s hope.  Using a simple discipline, at least quarterly, you and your leadership team can identify and respond to those changes in a way that will ensure you always have (or are working towards having) a People Component that is “100% Strong.”  Just ask and answer three simple questions at your Quarterly and Annual Sessions:

  1. 1.  Is this (still) the Right Structure?
  2. 2.  Are we all the Right People?
  3. 3.  Are we all in the Right Seats?

As simple and repetitive as that may sound, nearly every one of my clients has identified at least one issue every quarter simply by asking those questions, in that order.  Sometimes those Issues are new and a little surprising, sometimes they’re frustrating reminders of Issues that have lingered and festered for too long.  Either way, this simple discipline shines a light on those things holding you back from being “100% Strong” in the People Component.

More detail on each of these three questions in subsequent posts.