What Do You Want?

If you can’t quickly and clearly answer that question from your gut, read on.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders, I’ve come to understand just how fundamental that question is.  It is THE question about one’s business, yet few provide a clear answer when first prompted.  I usually have to ask a second time, using different words.

“What are you not getting from your business today that you really want?”

That usually gets the juices flowing – sometimes non-stop and for a long while.  Growth, profit, peace of mind, balance – it all comes out at once.  If this sounds like you and your business, make a list.  Prioritize.  Pick one thing from your list, and ask yourself two questions.  First, “What is the root cause of this Issue?”  In other words, “What is really preventing me from getting what I want?”

Once you identify the root cause, the second question is, “What must I do to resolve that Issue and get what I want?”

It is not impossible – though I’ve heard that excuse hundreds of times.  It may be difficult.  It may require change you can’t imagine or afford right now.  It may take a long time.  But it is possible.  So, go start making it happen.

Get what you want.