See what people are saying about Mike Paton and EOS®.

  • Matt Meents :: Visionary, Yardstik

    Through the EOS tools, we learned vision was important but accountability to our vision would help us achieve our goals. Less became more, a common vocabulary developed, and people began having more fun at work! With EOS, I found the focus we needed.

  • Richard Bahr :: Vistage CEO Group Chair

    Mike is a terrific listener and can navigate challenges that every leadership team has in a high-growth company.

  • David Reiling :: CEO, Sunrise Banks

    Paton’s unique ability to facilitate open and honest communication liberates our management team be 100% on the same page, set SMART rocks and solve real issues holding us back from our full potential.

See what people are saying about CJ DuBe’ and EOS.

  • Lisa Rothacker :: Roth Construction

    CJ is relatable, real and empowers you with the tools to make things happen.

  • Kevin Ortner:: Renter’s Warehouse

    Throughout our time working with CJ we have been able to scale a business from 8 people to 125 people, all while being able to maintain culture and productivity. And to really being able to see both our top line and bottom-line growth.

  • Rosie Wagner :: HTG Architects

    Since working with CJ and EOS, I’ve been able to find more balance between work and family. I prioritize better, so now I get the ‘right’ things done. Every time I feel like I’m back in some old habits, I know I can find the right path to take with EOS; there’s a tool for everything!

See what people are saying about Sean O’Driscoll and EOS.

  • Patrick Busch :: CEO, Len Busch Roses

    I credit Sean with facilitating us to be more confident, achieving greater and more relevant goals, working better as a team, and moving our company to a stronger position.

  • Glen Posladek :: CEO, A.B. May Company

    Sean has coached our leadership team to achieve breakthrough results for our company. Our leadership team, managers, supervisors, and 275 employees are now working more than ever as one team to achieve the same clear objectives.

  • Ben Cowan :: CEO, 360 WOW Inc.

    I frequently come into our Quarterly meetings with a messy head, too many things I want to get done, and issues that seem impossible to tackle. Sean works his magic, masterfully helping us all refocus, get clarity and leave with a plan that gets us back on track.

See what people are saying about Cyrus Lemon and EOS.

  • Ellisun Benedict :: Customer Experience & Development Consulting Director, The Marcus Buckingham Company

    Cyrus is personable, intelligent, and most importantly fun. He takes something that can be repetitive and mundane and turns it into a new and exciting challenge each week. It’s obvious that his clients love working with him and appreciate the focused time and attention that he provides.

  • Paul Miller :: CEO, Business By Design

    I have always respected Cyrus’ the professional knowledge he offers and appreciate his personable nature… Cyrus has a great ability to connect with people. He does a great job of personalizing your experience, even in a group setting. I can honestly say I always look forward to the training sessions I have with Cyrus, even if I know it might be a tough session.

  • Lee Olmscheid :: Trader, Dairy Products Inc.

    Cyrus really stands out. Cyrus has created programs specific to my needs that address my weaknesses. He does have that knack for pushing you hard enough to get great results without asking more than you can handle. Cyrus is a student of his craft and I recommend him without hesitation.

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